easyR is the ultimate solution to deploy data driven products

The Data Product for Your Business

easyR is a solution by Kiwi Data Science to design and deploy your data product, for your business.

easyR has libraries of Data Science functions, collected by specific problems or application fields, ready out of the box to be used with your data.

easyR can be interfaced with your databases, your tools and your templates.

It is modular, so that you can have only what you really need.

Great data management, powerful analysis and modelling, beautiful web interfaces!

Applied Data Science

Designed for Business

easyR deploys your data product, it is the implementation of Data Science logic and method.

It is definitely business oriented, designed to be deployed in any application field where data plays the difference.

easyR Data Science for Business

easyR can manage the complete data life cycle and it is smart and powerful

Yes, with easyR you can do anything you wish with your data.

Validate and manage data, analyse and create models. Share your results and knowledge.

Have your data product, designed for business, optimised for your company.

easyR is the most complete solution for your data product and it is completely modular,

so it can grow with you and your business and fits perfectly with your existing tools.

easyR data and big data management


Store and validate data, get the best from your database and use easyR specific database modules, side by side with yours, enhancing usability, performance and data structure.

Work with both standard databases and big data architectures, implement real time applications, have everything under control and always synced on any web device

easyR data analysis and modelling


Implement any kind of analysis you may need, run mathematical models, train intelligent algorithms. easyR has many statistical and mathematical functions ready to use.

Any other algorithm or analysis can be implemented ad hoc for your business. Computation is always fast and efficient, both with small samples and with big data

easyR alerts dashboards share and reports


Have great dashboards, receive alerts when something goes wrong, get analysis results in real time, see your selected important indexes wherever you are, via cloud interfaces.

Reporting and sharing with easyR is completely customisable, our dashboards let you use the power of complex analysis through easy, fast and clear interfaces

easyR modular and scalable data science


Everything is modular and scalable. Nothing of your existing technology and solutions will be changed or removed. Everything will be just improved with easyR.

We can merge easyR with any kind of technology, from databases to analysis and visualisation tools. We add a method and powerful functions, easyR enhances what you have